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We are manufacturers and suppliers of high quality Silicon Granules developed to Improve Soil Nutrition and Enhance the Long Term Sustainability of  soils Natural Eco-System.

Our commitment to a greener world makes us unique. Working alongside our clients in an economically viable way, we overcome nutritional & plant health issues. At Plasil Organics we think like farmers. Being acquainted with the farmer’s work and aware of the challenges that they face, we attempt to provide products and services suited to specific working environments. Plasil Organics team maintains continuous contact with growers, hearing from them about their needs, in order to share our knowledge and provide them solutions that consider their preferences.

Modern agriculture is required to feed the growing world population, using depleting resources of land, water and minerals. Plasil Organics is committed to provide breakthrough developments to allow maximum efficiency of crop production, to provide more food with optimal conditions.

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Plasil Organics


Though Silicon (Si) is the second most abundant element of the earth’s crust after oxygen, It has been observed that Plant available silicon is depleted in  present day soils  which is leading to weak and disease prone plants.  The need for proper Silicon management to increase yield and sustain crop productivity is necessary in temperate as well in tropical countries. 

Plasil’s readily available silicon is widely useful in all the crops and given its natural form has no side effects on any crops  and is especially high in grass family crops like rice, sugarcane , maize, wheat etc. Grass family crops have high silicon assimilation rates and need silicon in huge quantity for sustained development.

  • Plasil Organic’s active Silicon is in plant available form.
  • Allows seeds to grow even under salt or water stress.
  • Increases stem strength, helps in very strong root development and increased root nodules.
  • Increases leaf width, length and chlorophyll content.
  • Better yield and increased crop size / improves flowering.
  • Maintains water levels in plant system.
  • Improves uptake and utilization of all other nutrients.
  • Prevents absorption of toxic metals and protects the crop.
  • Can change root plasticity, thereby increasing stress tolerance.
  • Increases antioxidant defenses and therefore maintained physiological processes such as photosynthesis.
  • Develops immunity in plants to fight against biotic stress – fungus, insects, virus & nematodes etc.
  • Silicon also exerts alleviative effects on various abiotic stresses including salt stress, metal toxicity, drought stress, radiation damage, nutrient imbalance, high temperature, freezing and so on.  

Crop Results

Revitalizing your crops in a healthy way !!

Plasil Silicon Fertilizer: Super Results on Paddy Crop

Plasil Silicon Fertilizer gives great results on all kinds of crops.This video shows results of Plasil Silicon in Kurnool farmers Paddy field.

Double yield in Sun flower crop using Plasil

Plasil Silicon has given outstanding results in kalwakurty farmer’s sunflower crop. There is great improvement in size of stem and the leaf. The average size of flower without use of plasil is 15 cms wheras using Plasil it is 29 cms. The farmer has got double the yield in Crop using Plasil Silicon fertilizer.

Wonderful Flowering & Healthy Orchids using Plasil silicon fertilizer

Plasil Organic Silicon fertilizer is a required nutrient for all kinds of plants. It provides plants with required Silicon and helps absorb other nutrients by making them plant available.

What People Say
About Us

"We got double the size of flower , leaf and a 100 percent increase in Yield using plasil."
Mr. Vignesh, Kalwakurthy, Sun flower Farmer
“Using Plasil Silicon, we have got 31quintals of rice grains instead of 25 which we used to get previously”
Mr. Sampath Reddy, Jagitial, Paddy Farmer
“Plasil has increased not just the quantity but also the quality of our Turmeric Crop with CIRCUMIN content more than 5”
Mr. Subba Rao, Allagadda, Turmeric Farmer

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