Benefits of Using Plasil Silicon

Mr. Yedukondalu, Nellore Colacasia Farmer

Plasil Silicon is a natural Silicon fertilizer made using pure Natural Amorphous Silicon. Off late, Silicon is said to be one of the most deficient and much needed Crop Nutrient. The need for proper Si management to increase yield and sustain crop productivity appears to be necessary in temperate as well in tropical countries. 

Plasil Silicon  fertilization also positively impacts the development of secondary and tertiary cells of the endodermis, thus allowing better root resistance in dry soils and a faster growth of roots.

Plasil Silicon  is effective in controlling various pests and diseases caused by both fungi and bacteria in different plant species and also exerts alleviative effects on various abiotic stresses including salt stress, metal toxicity, drought stress, radiation damage, nutrient imbalance, high temperature, freezing and so on.

Plasil silicon is very good for all the plants and given its natural form has no side affects on any crop

Plasil Silicon supplies your plant with this much needed Silicon and provides the following benefits

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